Links to a few of the companies and organisations that have assisted us thus far with XX764. have been connecting users with vendors in the commercial, military and private aviation industries since 2007.

Runway25: Runway25 is an online shop that has challenge coins, patches and key rings as core products.

Runway25 owner, Tom, has first hand experience of the armed forces having served in the British Army as a technician on the Apache helicopter. This knowledge of the forces, combined with passion for aviation enables them to deliver quality products with modern designs and excellent customer service.

Flyingraphics: Flyingraphics produce unique graphic T-Shirts for the aviation enthusiast. It has a collection of over 200 designs including; jets, warbirds, transport, helicopter, space, aviation heroes as well as featuring work of some well-known aviation artists.

Flyingraphics have assisted with the realisation and production of our exclusive design T-Shirt range.

Bentwater Cold War Museum: Based in the hardened command post on the former USAF Bentwaters airfield. Home of the only ‘live’ Jaguar in the UK, XX741.

The knowledge and expertise lent by BCWM and their volunteers continue to assist us with XX764.

Jets of The Cold War: This online resource concentrates on Cold War aviation and model making.