SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Summer is rapidly disappearing into the distance here in the UK. We’re continuing to make progress on the aircraft and have tasks underway in a few areas.

In the main landing gear bays new volunteer Ian is making some sterling progress in cleaning up years of accumulated grime and rust on some of the rollers and fittings.

I’ve started cleaning up in and around the nosegear bay. The battery connector will shortly be refitted (removed previously to assist the battery servicing). The fuel flow amplifier box has been removed as this is being sent to the Bentwaters Cold War Museum to assist some troubleshooting on XX741. The Main Weapons Unit, refurbed during lockdown, will be fitted when I’m happy with the area as will the main nosegear bay door.

Externally we have started to uncover the 226OCU Squadron markings and tail number that had been painted over when the aircraft was placed into storage at Shawbury. These will be fully restored when we eventually get the aircraft repainted but it’s nice to be able to reveal the original markings.

We were also pleased to be able to host another former Jaguar display pilot and his FLM from his display season. David ‘Ducky’ Drake and Jim Izzard had both crossed paths with XX764 many years ago during their time on 226OCU and David has several entries for the aircraft in his log book. David was one of the Jaguar solo display pilots for the 1978 season. Both had some great stories to tell from their time with the type.

On the merchandise front our new keyring design has now arrived and is already proving a popular seller. We’ve also taken delivery of new stock of the original keyring so there are plenty available. These can be ordered from the ‘Merchandise’ page for buyers based in the UK. For international buyers please get in touch prior to ordering (or order through our ebay seller account ‘jaguarXX764’) as the prices here on the site are based on UK postal rates.

Many thanks to those that have made donations through this month. There are still so many parts to source that every penny really does help. Donations can be made in £5 increments through the Donations page here on the website.

Whilst the Covid restrictions have obviously relaxed somewhat we still face uncertain times. If anyone does intend to visit, or would like to visit at any point please get in touch in advance. Small numbers or individuals are easier to accommodate but we do ideally need prior warning rather than ad hoc visits currently.

Finally, as always, thanks for the ongoing support and interest.