APRIL 2021 UPDATE: Thankfully the gradual releasing of the COVID restrictions have meant we can really start to get back into the various joblists that have been on the back burner for most of the winter. April has seen progress on a number of fronts and it’s good to be back at Enstone on a regular basis (work commitments allowing) to move things forwards.

One of the first major tasks this month was to rebuild the cockpit air conditioning system that was completely missing when we bought the aircraft. Over time I have been rebuilding a kit of parts to refit the installation. It’s all now back in and the aft section of the nosewheel bay is pretty much complete. There’s a fair amount of wire locking to work around but I’ll hit that all in one go at a later date.

The refurbed Inflight Refuelling probe actuator has been refitted (more wire locking on the to-do list)

We have also finally managed to track down an IFR pipe. It has a coupling adaptor and light pipe fitted but I have both in better condition in our parts stash so these will be swapped over before the pipe is fitted.

A major area of focus this month has been the noseleg. It was really starting to suffer from surface corrosion (I think it’s a cast magnesium alloy) so it has been thoroughly cleaned back to stabilise the condition and then filled and primed prior to repainting. It’s work in progress but is starting to look a lot better.

In the cockpit the aft bulkhead has been re-blacked where the original paint had badly faded. I’ve also sourced a cockpit altitude switch which has been cleaned up and fitted.

I’ve also had a play around and double-checked the fit of our ERU’s on one of the practice bombs.

And finally for this month we have been trialling some paint restoration. I’d thought that the paint was beyond help (in some areas it definitely is) but a complete repaint at the moment is a big financial step. In the meantime we can definitely give the exterior a freshen up and I have a few ideas on getting some life back into the grey next.

This month’s big merchandise news was the launch of our bespoke T-Shirt range, produced in association with our friends over at Flyingraphics ( Available both through the merchandise page here on the site (to UK buyers) and internationally through our eBay seller account (search for ‘jaguarXX764’) the shirts are available in four colours and a full range of sizes. Many thanks to everyone who has already purchased shirts (some of the benefits are already being seen in the tasks detailed above). As always with all our merchandise sales, the proceeds roll directly back to benefit the aircraft.

Finally, as usual, many thanks for sticking with us and the ongoing support and interest.