APRIL ’22 UPDATE: With the weather here in the UK gradually improving, it becomes less of an arduous task to start making some progress again on the airframe. Over the winter airfields tend to be pretty bleak places!

April has seen advances in several areas as we start to make plans around some of the aims for this summer’s workload.

I’ve revisited some unfinished tasks in the cockpit, one of which was to locate the airframe side connector for the Landing gear/Flaps/Slats Indicator, which I’d previously been unable to find. As it turns out it was almost adjacent to the indicator but buried away on the outboard side of the LH instrument panel and some minor dismantling to gain proper access to the connector had to be done.

Working behind the LH Instrument panel.
Gear/flaps/slat indicator connector (circled) buried away…..

With the unit finally plugged in though, a few blown filaments required replacing, which has been done (fiddley little buggers) and the coaming panel has been refitted.

Coaming panel refitted.

This just leaves the LH console side panels to refit.

With the coaming back in it was an opportunity to re-assess where I am at with the cockpit lighting. The aircraft is currently still only being powered from DC battery/static inverter so there are a couple of elements that I can’t yet power and I know I have a few issues to sort but the instrument panels are starting to come alive again…

Whilst spending some time focussing on the cockpit it has also been an opportunity to finally change out the pistol grip stick top that I have had on the spares shelf for a while.

External to the cockpit and back in the starboard wing root equipment bay, the missing slat limit switch has now been fitted. I still need to fit some O-Rings to a few of the fuel unions and sort out bonding leads and wire locking but in terms of missing parts this area is just about now complete.

This ‘just’ leaves the port side bay to sort to a similar level….it’s on a ‘to-do’ list..

Port side fwd wing root equipment bay – still to sort out.

One major ‘win’ this month was to finally locate a long term piece from one of my many missing parts lists. An incidence probe, fitted on the forward port side of the nose, has been located and fitted, another hole finally filled.

And right at the tail end of the month I was lucky to come across this Pilot Display Recorder unit at an Aeroboot sale at Newark Air Museum (a museum well worth a visit by the way). This unit fits on the front face of the pilot’s HUD and has been another long term resident on the cockpit missing parts list. It will be fitted when I’m next working in the cockpit.

And finally for this month, I’m please to be able to announce that I have a date for this summer’s Open House day, Saturday August the 13th. Although free to attend it would be hugely appreciated if you plan to come that you pre-register using the Eventbrite link here:

This will make it easier for us logistically as the Flying Club also have an event running and we can better assess parking, catering etc.

I plan to obviously have the cockpit open but will also (if there is interest) be opening up many of the panels and equipment bays should any modellers want together some super-detailling information (or former crew just want to reacquaint themselves with a few of the Jag’s hidden treasures!)

Good weather has been pre-booked so I hope to be able to meet a few of you on the day.

As always, many thanks for the ongoing interest and support.