MARCH UPDATE: Wow. Well if there was some initial optimism that March would see better weather and a chance to properly recommence some meaningful tasks on the aircraft that has all come to a shuddering halt!!

Firstly I hope everyone is staying well and hopefully learning to cope with the restrictions we are all currently under. Everything else has to take a backseat when it comes to the health of our family and friends.

Inevitably this has meant only very limited access to the aircraft just before the non-essential travel restrictions came into place. I have plenty of tasks that can be done from home so I can continue to get some sub-assembly jobs and parts restorations ticking along whilst we are locked down.

Just before s**t got real with the Coronavirus restrictions I was lucky enough to be invited to RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk where the team that have restored XX741 are based. The Bentwaters Cold War Museum ( have been working on this aircraft for a number of years now and earlier this month were able to carry out fast taxi (with reheat) and brake parachute deployment test runs for the first time on the runway at Bentwaters. A couple of small parts from the spares we have accumulated were called into action to help with the aircrafts serviceability. This aircraft is the only running Jaguar currently in the UK and is a testament to the team there that the runs were successfully completed. This month’s header photo is one of my shots from the day.

Also before the lockdown restrictions I attended an evening photoshoot at RAF Museum Cosford organised by Threshold Aero ( I hadn’t been expecting to be able to go to this event having been scheduled to be in the US with work but travel restrictions meant the trip was cancelled. The rare opportunity to photograph the iconic TSR.2 outside was too good a chance to pass up.

So for April it looks like there will be plenty of opportunity to catch up on a few tasks. My own work is heavily affected by the ongoing virus restrictions and there will inevitably be a curtailment in the acquisition of new parts in the short term as priorities have to move elsewhere. I’ll try and keep Facebook ticking along with updates so it’s worth keeping an eye on the page for news and photos. As always, if anyone has any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch (it’s nice to know there is someone out there!) and don’t forget that if you are bored of panic buying toilet paper you can always panic buy some Jaguar parts or merchandise from our eBay account!

In the meantime I hope everyone stays safe and well.