AUGUST 2021 UPDATE: Slightly more on time this month!

Although I’ve lost a couple of weeks this month due to work commitments in France, there are still a couple of areas that we’ve made some progress in and of course early in the month we held our Open House day.

A few panels opened up on our Open House Day. Photo courtesy of Neil Hutchinson Photography.

We finally were able to welcome a few visitors to Enstone for our 2021 Open House. Many thanks to those that took the time to pre-register and then brave a fairly poor weather forecast for what turned out to be a fairly average British Summer Day.

Hopefully everyone that came found it interesting and huge thanks to those that made donations and bought some of our merchandise.

If you came and I didn’t get a chance to have a chat over the course of the day, apologies.

A nice cockpit study from the Open Day by Dave Griffiths Images.

Subsequent to the Open Day a few more tasks on the aircraft have been ticked off the ‘to do’ lists. The throttle rods have been reconnected in the left hand console (after the seized throttles were removed to free them off) and the repainted side panels have been refitted.

In the fin the missing ILS aerial baluns have been sourced and fitted.

And in the cockpit the damaged glare shield on the PWR Repeater panel has been removed and a new one has been fabricated.

On the starboard side the missing Refuel Panel has been refitted having been tested prior on the bench to make sure all the annunciators illuminate (not that I anticipate actually really using it).

And finally, our tall set of steps have received some love – and an additional coat of paint.

Thanks, as always, for the ongoing interest and support.