JUNE 2021 UPDATE: Well, firstly apologies that this update comes a few days late as we are now well into July, I’ll try and be more prompt going forwards.

June has seen progress in several areas, some of which I am focussing on ahead of our Open House which is still on course for August the 7th. More details on that further down the page.

One avionics unit I don’t really anticipate being able to locate is the Laser Electronics Unit that would have lived in the lower access panel under the main avionics bays, so when this original dummy ballast unit became available it was the perfect opportunity to fill the aperture with the next best alternative.

Hidden message!

It’s always nice to stumble on some hidden treasure and these messages written on the inner face of the Ajax cover panel were a bonus find when cleaning the panel. If you can’t quite make it out it reads “From Abingdon with all our love – Back to you with laughter”

I’m continuing to make progress revealing the painted-over 226OCU squadron emblems on the intakes, this is the port side.

And the stbd tail number is also starting to reappear.

I’ve been able to source original spec bolts to replace the heavily corroded fasteners on the rear heatshields. Not cheap but they look infinitely better than the bolts coming out (some of which needed some heavy persuasion!)

Having accumulated all the parts required to rebuild the missing in-flight refuelling probe and arm installation it was time to refit the arm assembly. I still need to install the electric linear motor that opens the lower door but it’s 95% done now and looks the part. Eventually (!!) I’d really like to be able to extend this using the hydraulics – we’ll see if that’s a realistic aim at a later date!

And finally for this month, I have managed to locate a tail unit to be able to kit one of our 1000lb bombs. This Mk117 retarded tail has petals which open with a stowed parachute inside (photo of a deployed tail from the Newark Air Museum for reference).

As mentioned earlier we are still ‘All Systems Go’ for our Open House on Saturday August 7th. There is now a dedicated page here on the website (Open House 2021 tab in the main menus) and it would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to register on the Eventbrite link. Although we should be clear of the current Covid restrictions by early August (I say that hopefully!!) registering will give us much better visibility on the numbers to anticipate welcoming and will help with the catering arrangements etc.

Thanks, as always, for the ongoing interest and support and I hope to be able to meet a few of you personally at Enstone on August the 7th.