OCTOBER UPDATE: As we head into Lockdown Part2 here in the UK the summer is already feeling like a distant memory. There are plenty of tasks still ongoing and the winter job list is ever-growing with plenty of sub-assembly projects planned.

We’re still making progress locating parts and in no small part this has been assisted by both donations and merchandise sales.

Various missing electronics units have been sourced as well as Ejector Release Units (which mount inside the outboard and centreline pylons) for hanging external stores. I’m still missing a centreline pylon (if anyone knows where there’s one gathering dust a heads-up would be appreciated!!) and ERU’s for the inboard pylons (fuel tank mounting) are still on the shopping list. A pair of Matra M155 Rocket Pods or 1000lb bombs would also be a nice find.

Another hole has been filled in the forward avionics bay. A previously missing mounting tray and VHF transceiver have been sourced and installed meaning that gradual progress is being made in this area.

In the cockpit the Master Arm switch has been replaced with a part from our stock, this one having a key so makes for a more complete look on the LH console. The cockpit has now been sealed and I’m not planning to open it up on a regular basis through the winter to minimise the potential for water ingress.

In merchandise news our original batch of Jaguar XX764 logo mugs sold out and another batch has been sourced from our friends at Squadron Prints. With Christmas fast approaching and shopping opportunities possibly limited it might be the time to check out some of the items we have on our Merchandise page. Every purchase directly assists the ongoing restoration and sourcing of parts.

Thanks again to those that have made donations through this month. There are still so many parts to source that every penny really does help. Donations can be made in £5 increments through the Donations page here on the website.

Finally obviously we are now back in Lockdown, hopefully only for November, so things will be on hold as far as tasks on the aircraft are concerned, but hopefully there should still be some progress to report at the end of the month.

Finally, as always, thanks for the ongoing support and interest.