NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE: Winter has really started to make it’s presence felt in the UK this month, hopefully everyone is doing OK and hasn’t been too badly affected by the recent bout of bad weather.

Following on from last month and the expansion of our storage and workshop capacity at Enstone this month has again been predominantly spent sorting out our infrastructure and spares.

Our ‘new’ seat servicing stand is now fulfilling it’s role with our seat loaded. We’ve still got a long shortage list for quite a few parts for the seat and along with plenty of other areas, it’s still work in progress but there’s no rush to get this complete.

Seat Servicing Stand

On the aircraft I’ve sourced a pair of surplus Ground Intercom headsets through our old friend eBay. I’ve also made an adaptor cable to be able to plug into the comms connector that would normally attach to the seat and an extension cable for the external intercom socket. This has all now been tested and is working fine so will be useful when it come to safely powering up and testing various cockpit controlled systems later in the restoration.

In the cockpit the Attitude Indicator (Artificial Horizon) has been replaced for a spare as the unit I’d originally fitted popped the circuit breaker as soon as power was applied. Such is the nature of sourcing parts of unknown serviceability from places like eBay – it’s one thing to fill a hole but another to find something that has a limited level of functionality (the odd shiny bolt will be touched in with a spot of black paint at some point!)

‘New’ Attitude Indicator

Prior to replacing the Attitude Indicator the coaming panel was removed as I’ve got plenty to do behind the instrument panels in the Spring. A final view of the cockpit before sealing it up to keep the worst of the Winter weather out…

Cockpit with coaming panel removed.

A cockpit has now been tape sealed and double covered with an additional tarpaulin.

Canopy covered.

I was lucky enough to come across this original Jaguar outboard pylon, complete with attachment hardware and ERU still installed.

Additionally we’ve found these New/Old Stock Static port blanks.

Static port blanks.

Finally a quick image from our security camera of some of the winter weather that’s getting us in the Festive spirit at Enstone.

Thanks to everyone that has ordered items from our merchandise range (details under the ‘Merchandise’ link at the top of the page). With Christmas now just around the corner we’re ready to supply all your Jaguar XX764 gifting needs and all proceeds roll directly back into assisting the aircraft.

As always, many thanks for the ongoing interest and support.