JULY UPDATE: Another month, another update, hopefully someone out there is finding these relatively interesting (if you aren’t, please don’t be shy about letting me know where I can make improvements!!). Again, the time has gone all too quickly but we’ve made some progress in various areas..

The tailplane PFCU’s which had been partially removed somewhere in the past were finally properly removed. We were lucky to be a able to temporarily have the use of the proper bolt extractor tool (many thanks to CoTech Trading) which made the task far easier. These units will be replaced by a pair of actuators that I have sat on the shelf.

The cabling for the non-standard external 28VDC socket has been fully removed. Running from the port gunbay through to the nosewheel bay junction boxes I think this cabling was installed when the aircraft was based at the SoTT at St. Athan and would have made powering essential systems easier from an external 28V supply.

Previously missing units in the small bay just aft of the NAVWASS units have been sourced and fitted.

The second drop tank elements have been moved to Enstone and reassembled..

One of the ongoing tasks with the aircraft is the replacement of many of the external and rusted-in fasteners. As panels have been removed the areas are being cleaned up prior to being re-panelled up.

Having been requested by a couple of people about the possibility of making donations to further assist the project I have created a page here and am massively appreciative of the donations already made. Every penny really does assist.

We’ve also been overwhelmed by the response to our recent additional new merchandise items, these embroidered ‘Remove Before Flight’ keyrings, which have already almost sold out with over 90 units gone, thanks to everyone who has ordered.

I’d like to take a quick opportunity to give some recognition and express my thanks to a few of the companies that continue to lend their support to our efforts with the aircraft.

Jet Art Aviation are one of the lead companies in the supply of decommissioned military aircraft. For further information on their current inventory check their website

Allaero ( ) have sourced and are currently refurbishing an original battery for the aircraft.

CoTech Trading GB ( ) are one of the foremost stockists of military aviation parts (including Jaguar!).

Finally, thanks to Mike Allison for this photo of the current state of play in the cockpit when Mike dropped in to visit recently. Whilst the Covid restrictions have obviously relaxed significantly since the end of lockdown if anyone does intend, or would like to visit at any point please get in touch in advance. Small numbers or individuals are easier to accommodate but we do ideally need prior warning rather than ad hoc visits currently.

Finally, as usual, thanks for the ongoing support and interest.