JUNE UPDATE: It seems almost unreal that we’re now halfway through the year. After weeks of wall to wall sunshine pretty much for the whole of the lockdown period, the weather has returned to a standard UK Summer – so basically intermittent rain showers and grey days. That said I’ve still been able to make a bit of progress in various areas….

Having located an Liquid Oxygen convertor I’ve now been able to source a set of pipes as well. A bit of wire-locking aside, this bay is now pretty much complete.

In the nosewheel bay pretty much all of the electrical units have now been re-sourced and fitted. Again there is plenty of lockwiring to be done and the main (positive) output cables from the TRU’s still need to be fitted and connected but the trays are finally filled.

I’m continuing to make progress in the forward avionics bay with only a couple of trays now empty.

And in the tail section the RWR receiver has been fitted.

Investigating underneath a few more panels I was surprised to find that both the Roll Damper and Spoiler PFCU’s were still fitted – more cleanups required but this will be done in-situ.

Away from the aircraft work has continued on our Ground Power Unit. Suffice it to say that buying parts unseen from disposals auctions isn’t always the best way of finding a bargain….but it won’t beat me. Most of the missing items have now been re-sourced (a massive thanks go out to all that have helped on this score) and hopefully we’re not now too far away.

As mentioned previously, I don’t think it’s going to be possible to have an Open House event in the foreseeable future, or at least until the restrictions are further lifted.

If anyone does intend, or would like to visit at any point please get in touch in advance though. Very small numbers or individuals are easier to accommodate but we do need prior warning rather than ad hoc visits currently.

Finally, as usual, thanks for the ongoing support and interest.